Cloud Services
Our in house developed cloud service technology is used by multiple solutions and provides services such as:

User authentication and administration with SMS OTP verification.
Credit and debit card payment services.Automated monitoring of web service load and availability.

Adapters that allow for integration of our web services with your legacy systems.

Connectors for automated Email, SMS, MMS, Twitter communication with your customers.

Twitter, Email, SMS data mining for Sentiment Analysis.

Online CRM (Software as a Service) system.


Mobile App Development
Unlike our competitors who have structured their offerings around technology silos (Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry), we offer solution development, and develop those solution in a way that make it easy to deploy those solutions on multiple platforms. This does not mean that we handicap our solutions by trying to support the lowest common denominator in terms of features on each platform, but rather, we use each platform and take advantage of that platforms strengths while still ensuring that application development is lean and maximises common features across platforms.


Cloud Development
Our solutions are based on SOA principles utilising web services and thus are perfectly suited to be run in a private or public cloud infrastructure. We have developed technology layers on which we build our solutions.


Integration Development
Our highly skilled team has had many years of experience integrating information flow between disparate systems.


Web Application Development
As with our Mobile App development, we have the capability to reuse those solution components in a web application thus lowering the cost of not only the development but the maintenance of the various solutions afterward.



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